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Frikki Walker Organ Recital

  • Fredrik Sixten Toccata Festival
  • Andrew Carter Aria
  • David German Festive Trumpet Tune
  • Franck Prelude, Fugue and Variation
  • Mendelssohn War March of the Priests
  • James Macmillan Gaudeamus in loci pace
  • Saint-Saëns The Swan
  • Piers Connor Kennedy A Scottish Fancy
  • Steiner A Summer Place
  • Frikki Walker An Oxford Elegy
  • Hovland Toccata ‘Nu la oss takke Gud’

Frikki Walker is Organist at St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Glasgow. His recital features some of the composers that run through the Festival programmes, to which he adds an eclectic and entertaining selection of more modern works.

Monday 1 May at 11.00am at All Saints Church, Priory Terrace, Leamington Spa CV31 1AA

Frikki Walker Frikki Walker

Free admission – retiring collection

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