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Leamington Music Education Programme

Leamington Music is passionate about bringing music into our local community and in recent years, with the collaboration and support from the County Music Service (now Warwickshire Music), has developed a thriving Education Programme. Many of the musicians performing in our winter season and other concerts enjoy visiting schools to give workshops, master-classes and specially tailored concerts. For many schools it represents a rare opportunity to come into contact with outstanding musicians, all of whom are enjoying international careers. The musicians and all of us running Leamington Music see the value of these visits and know at the same time we must be creating the audience of tomorrow. To help make that happen, Leamington Music offers all schoolchildren and students tickets at the majority of its concerts for just £1.00.

During the 2016/17 winter season from October through to March the following groups or soloists will be available for inspiring and educational schools workshops designed specifically to fully engage with pupils.

  • The Carducci String Quartet
  • Birmingham Conservatoire Percussion with Owen Gunnell
  • Roderick Williams
  • The Elias String Quartet
  • Ex Cathedra
  • K’antu Ensemble
  • Chelys Consort of Viols
  • O Duo - Percussion
  • Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments
  • Borealis Saxophone Quartet
  • Ensemble 360

Schools in Leamington, Warwick, Kenilworth and Rugby which have already enjoyed workshops in the past need no introduction to the benefits they provide. But if your school has not yet taken part in this outstanding programme please get in contact with Richard Phillips on 01926-497000, email richard@leamingtonmusic.org or with Paul Dickins on 01926-715059, email paul@leamingtonmusic.org.

The Education Programme is made possible by a grant from Warwickshire Music, donations from trusts and the Friends of Leamington Music plus legacies. Leamington Music is very grateful for this support and will always welcome further support so that the programme can be expanded and broadened across our local community.

2015_Education_Jubilee.jpg, 29kB The Jubilee String Quartet workshop for the County Suzuki Group in Kenilworth January 2015

2015_Education_She-Koyokh.jpg, 38kB She’Koyokh, the klezmer group, gave workshops to local schools in January 2106 prior to their concert at the Royal Spa Centre.


About Leamington Music

Leamington Music is a registered charity number 1117723 that was launched in July 2006 and aims to maintain Leamington and district as a musical centre dedicated to promoting excellent music.

Music-making at an international level like this can only be put on and sustained by the generosity of our supporters and if you would like to be involved in ensuring that Leamington Music continues to flourish please join the Friends of Leamington Music or contact us directly.

Contact Us

Richard Phillips 01926 497000 richard@LeamingtonMusic.org

Veronica Phillips veronica@LeamingtonMusic.org

Leamington Music reserves the right to make changes in artists or programmes if this becomes necessary.